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Our goal is to speed the path of inquiry through quality experts to help achieve long-term, positive outcomes in the face of serious, chronic disease

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We are a family that has various autoimmune diseases in various forms

We are a family that has various autoimmune diseases in various forms. From rheumatoid arthritis to ulcerative colitis to idiopathic dermal hypersensitivity, we suspect that there’s more at play among family members past and present than has been diagnosed, as well. When our son got sick, we found the prognosis of a lifetime on drugs to be an unacceptable plan. Let’s just say, Functional Medicine (FxM) now plays a significant role in our lives.

Once we had our son’s diagnosis, and many cycles of dysbiosis, disillusionment, and despair later, we’ve been emerging into a quality of life that’s approaching normalcy. He is drug free. In school. Enjoying the company of friends, eating good foods, practicing sports and living with the freedom to travel and move through the world as he chooses, with a manageable level of energy. If you’ve been battling a serious autoimmune disease, you can appreciate that those are big wins.

Our Mission

At Autoimmune Families, our mission is to form a community that supports families and care providers faced with the challenges of autoimmune disorders to help improve our mutual quality of life. Our goal is to speed the path of inquiry through quality experts who focus on the whole person, have real-world experience with the causes that drive autoimmune responses, and are willing to work through the multi-factorial experimentation that it can take to achieve long-term, positive outcomes in the face of serious, chronic disease. We hope that, by sharing our stories and others like them, we can spare each other needless pain. We work within the knowledge that we are seeking progress, not a cure; within a framework of finding causes, not just treating symptoms; and with the belief that by embracing the body, mind, and spirit together, we can yield a higher quality of life than through a focus on physical needs alone.


Sharing our experience

Once I realized that it was time to dig beyond the few modalities I’d engaged to maintain my own health and really get down to root causes through a different approach, I entered long nights of research, study and experimentation; inquiry and observation. I put to use my decades of experience in one of the world’s leading technology companies as a client-centric, research-driven business development professional with a rare persistence and attention to detail together with coaching credentials I’d pursued as an avocation to uncover, pursue, and coach an approach that’s not discussed in any of the physician, hospital, surgical, or specialist recommendations we’d encountered. I witnessed the turnaround from life-threatening to life-saving sustainability that the healing-based approach of functional medicine can bring. I am now a strategist, a communicator — you might even call me an evangelist — of this approach. And I have become certified in the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) as an AIP Certified Coach. I am also a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (Candidate).

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What we do and what we don’t

We can’t diagnose or treat anything — that would not only be illegal, since we’re not physicians ourselves, but it would also be inaccurate. Identifying the causes of your autoimmune disease is as personal as has been identifying ours. This is an individualized process — albeit one with certain key factors in common, one to another, that can give you good ideas on where to start.

There are some essential areas of inquiry we want to give you the advantage of knowing about: key areas of inquiry worth pursuing, to get at the root causes of your autoimmune challenge. Because that’s the opportunity here: to get at causes. Traditional specialists do tell us that there’s no known cause for what turns on an autoimmune disease -– only risk factors, and certain attributes that people with autoimmune disease have in common, particularly after the fact (like inflammation and a genetic predisposition, for example). Unlike traditional practitioners, however, who treat the disease process after it’s already triggered and in motion, Functional Medicine (FxM) seeks to uncover the root causes and prevent triggers. Blocking the disease in motion is a different approach than healing the body in an attempt to prevent the disease from activating. We believe in the latter approach, because we’ve found causes that do have effect.

We’ve witnessed improvement by following FxM practices, including natural medicine protocols like acupuncture. And we’re living drug-free, making progress on the continuum of not just achieving, but maintaining long-term remission -– without living with the fear of what many of the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for autoimmune diseases can do to our bodies. We prefer the healing approach to the immunosuppression approach, and believe that you can learn a lot about how to achieve a higher quality of life through functional and natural medicine, as well.

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