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If you're looking for a better way to treat autoimmunity, you don't have to struggle alone.

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Join others seeking a higher quality of life in managing autoimmune disease in 3 easy steps.

Functional Medicine is a big part of our approach, as are other practitioners whose expertise can support your journey through autoimmunity. Yet at the end of the day, these experts are RESOURCES, and YOU have to navigate through making the decisions that will best support you. Let’s strengthen our knowledge and understanding, and be here for each other.

After all, the responsibility of choosing your path especially comes to light when experts contradict each other, or you have to decide whose voice to listen to, and where to put your TRUST. That’s when we can help each other. We can share our experience with each other, and TOGETHER deepen our knowledge base and understanding of what works and what doesn’t, who helps and how, and support each other AS A COMMUNITY, in a safe environment.

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Learn how to take a healing-based approach to improve quality of life

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What the community includes:

  • Families like yours – or we can provide a family-like environment to chat, if yours isn’t available.
  • People who are seeking a higher quality of life in managing autoimmune disease today.
  • Helping you understand what Functional Medicine (FxM) is and isn’t, and how it can help.
  • Discussing what forms of natural medicine may also provide essential support, like acupuncture, meditation, or other forms of healing, pain, and stress management.
  • Discovery of which topics resonate with you and your health situation, so you can form a better line of inquiry with your provider(s).
  • Access to a network of people with whom you can connect — who are on a similar journey, which can really make a difference.
  • An invitation to contribute and help shape the agenda, so you can help set our conversation to meet your needs.

That's it! You're in. Here's what we'll be talking about:

  • The basics on how to get started.
  • DNA indicators, and what you can do about them.
  • What triggers an autoimmune response, and how to reduce them.
  • Healing diets — an integral part of the healing-based approach.
  • Restoring gut health — which is relevant for all autoimmune diseases, not just IBD.
  • Managing stress — a key, and often overlooked, factor in triggering autoimmune response.
  • Adapting lifestyle — important ways of living that affect the overall equation.
  • How to talk with doctors — and to advocate for your own health.
  • Ways to interact with family members and friends, when chronic illness is driving change.

Optional Instant-Access Membership

All participants in the Autoimmune Families Community have access to our curated content over time, delivered via email through our newsletter and discussed in our FaceBook Group. So you’ve got it all. Free. That’s how committed we are to getting real options to real people who want real answers. It’s true.

Then there are others among us who are road-weary and would like to get more insights now. For not a lot of cost. For our participants who’d like to “cut to the chase,” we offer you the option to become a member and have immediate access to all of our insights, tools, and resources.

Members will find:

  • Carefully researched insights
  • Content organized to cut down on overwhelm and save you time
  • Categories, starting with The Basics, also include:
    • DNA and epigenetics
    • Removing triggers
    • Eating for health
    • Restoring gut health
    • Managing stress
    • Adapting lifestyle
    • Key conversations
    • Family systems
  • An extensive Resource Directory for deeper dives into any of the relevant categories
  • A unique Progress Tracker to help you remember that you’re doing just that: making progress!
  • Member Perks like discounts to The Autoimmune Families Seasonal Workshop Series for Implementing the 5 Elements of Success. Here you can participate with others with similar interests, questions, ideas, and take action!
  • The option to view our 5-part Expert Webinar Series featuring a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Licensed Counselor, Licensed Nutritionist, Certified Movement Instructor and Experiential Family Representative.
  • Best of all, membership is One and Done. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. We welcome you.

We invite you to become a member today to save valuable time and speed your path to a higher quality of life. Welcome!


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