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Give and get additional support

Donations and memberships provide financial aid

Autoimmune Families has a charitable branch, called The Autoimmune Families Foundation.
The Autoimmune Families Foundation is designed to help people who want to sincerely pursue a healing-based approach to their autoimmune health care, but who may need financial support to do so — either because their insurance doesn’t adequately reimburse practitioner care, they need additional testing that isn't covered, or their supplement program is cost prohibitive.

We appreciate that stepping outside of the conventional “system” can sometimes have a higher price tag. More and more FxM Practitioners are participating in health insurance programs, but oftentimes the prescribed protocol isn’t fully covered, especially when it involves supplements that don’t require a prescription. Yet every suffering human being is important. Especially our children.

How we can help

  1. We offer everyone discounts to aid in the purchase of supplements. You can get a 15% discount when you order supplements from our dispensary.
  2. We participate in affiliate and partner resource programs, some of whom offer discounts for Autoimmune Families Members. See our Resources for more. Even non-members have access to Recommended options.
  3. For additional assistance, the Autoimmune Families Foundation can provide aid to member families. Key points to know include:
    1. A portion of every Membership in Autoimmune Families goes to support this Foundation. In 2018, that portion is 10% of each Membership fee.
    2. Non-Members and Members alike are welcome and encouraged to donate to the Foundation to provide additional support to families in need. See below to donate securely through PayPal, or contact us to discuss a personal contribution you may have in mind or to help us build our endowment.
    3. Affiliate income and partner support also contribute to The Autoimmune Families Foundation.

How it works

  • Autoimmune Families Members are eligible to apply for aid by completing this application.
  • We have a particular interest in supporting families with children suffering from autoimmune disease.

Non-profit status

  • While we are not yet incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization, it’s our ambition that, as our community builds, qualified volunteers will step forward to form a Board of Directors. That way, The Autoimmune Families Foundation can formalize as a non-profit charitable arm of The Autoimmune Families Community, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) corporation. Then, Members’ and others’ contributions will not only help others, but also be fully tax-deductible for the donor.
  • If you would like to help administer The Autoimmune Families Foundation, please contact us.
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