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Welcome to the Autoimmune Families Community's
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5 Minute Primer on the 5 As

What is Autoimmunity, Autoimmune Disease, our Approach, Allopathic Medicine, and the AIP?

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Quick Start Guide

Learn about 5 steps you can make today to get started on the path to healing.

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  • Learn more about The 5 Elements of Success from experts in the field, including:
    • “What is Functional Medicine?” and “How to Work with a Functional Medicine Practitioner” by Annette and Rudy Mueller, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners
    • “Eating Well and Living Clean” by Lauren Gauthier, Functional Nutritionist
    • “Supporting Your Loved One, Supporting Yourself” by Carol Gray Kelley, LCPC
    • “Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit” by Amanda Biccum, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor.
  • Hand-outs from each of our experts with pointers for where to go next to advance your journey.

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