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Autoimmune disorders affect whole families

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It's a family affair – genetically, and pragmatically

Autoimmune (AI) disorders are a family disease. Not just because there’s a genetic component to AI, where families may be predisposed to a certain form of autoimmune expression, but because it can be such a debilitating illness that not just the sufferer suffers, but the whole family is affected.

In addition to patients who are diagnosed, The Autoimmune Families Community is for family members and friends who want to help someone you love regain a quality of life. People with AI can sometimes be too sick to orchestrate their own detective work, especially when brain fog and depression enter the equation— whether from nutrient depletion, persistent exhaustion from battling inflammation, or pharmaceutical drug side effects. This can be especially true with children, as well as the uninitiated in navigating the complex world of medicine and patient advocacy.

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Support for you from others on the same journey

We at Autoimmune Families are here for you. We’re here because we’re in this journey, too. We’ve learned some important lessons, and we want to spare you — and most importantly, spare you who have active disease — any pain we can, by helping to accelerate your inquiry into what’s causing your illness, and to support each other along the way. This way, we can together heal and gain a higher quality of life. And then, each of our own struggles will not have been in vain.

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Healing causes vs. treating symptoms

That’s right: we said “causes.” And there’s our departure from the traditional medical approach: not only do we consider the whole patient experience to be important to recovery, but we find that Functional Medicine (FxM) practitioners have proven insight into the multi-factorial causes of autoimmune disease. Many FxM practitioners around the world have learned, and are learning still, about what drives these diseases—and patients are seeing real results. Important discoveries have been made in recent years, and more are unfolding. There is hope.

So, important progress is being gained. And now, more than ever, more and more people are choosing the path of healing and prevention over a strictly pharmaceutical approach. What this means is that you may well be able to do something about what’s driving your illness — not just block or suppress the outcome of it with drugs. And therein lies the key.

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Get your "you" back

Functional Medicine can help put you in the driver’s seat in navigating chronic illness, not just relegate you to the status of passenger. But, like all solutions, it only works if you do it. So ask yourself: am I ready to feel better?

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If so, come along on the Functional Medicine journey. Start to learn about the drivers of your, or your loved one’s, illness, and what you can do about it. Our hope is that you can learn enough effective actions to be able to reduce, and perhaps even eliminate, medications that can sometimes make a person more sick than the illness you’re treating, and instead regain a high quality of life that helps you feel like you’re getting your “you” back. Welcome.

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