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Quick start guide to a healing-based approach to autoimmunity

Joy Cutrone, Wellness & Certified AIP Coach, FMCHC-Candidate
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5 steps you can start today

New to the healing-based approach to autoimmunity? Feeling overwhelmed? You can get started right now, today. Consider these few steps to begin:

1. Eliminate gluten.

This is not about fashion, trend, food snobbery or developing a gourmet palate. Gluten is about inflammation, and that’s the one thing people with autoimmunity can’t afford. Period. If you need evidence for this, read on, but get it out of the diet now. Period.

2. Eliminating gluten doesn’t mean you pump up the gluten-substitute foods.

In fact, “gluten free” packaged foods can have other antagonists in them, like amped-up sugar and processed oils that defeat you in other ways. Best to avoid GF manufactured foods and choose foods that are naturally free in gluten when you can. More on this in our comprehensive discussion about diet.

3. Consider going grain free.

Other grains have proven to be cross-reactive in the system, meaning, the damaged body can think they’re gluten even when they’re not. Ouch. There are lots of “ready to go” resources for doing this that make it easier than it seems – Paleo, for example, is so popular you can find any number of cookbooks, online resources, and even restaurants and food delivery services that can support this way of eating. Think: a wide variety of clean vegetables and meats. But if that feels too hard right now, OK. Park the thought and punt the gluten for now.

4. Start looking for your functional medicine practitioner who’s going to be your partner in this journey.

You need a certified and licensed guide who is trained in this approach to autoimmunity. This approach is not about throwing an OTC herbal supplement that you heard about at this serious condition; you need to investigate what’s at play for you or your loved one as an individual, and then treat it appropriately. This will involve testing – labs, and clinical observation over time. Conventional practitioners don’t do the same labs, so consider this an entry in your Hope Chest: there are things that haven’t been tested yet, which will be, which are going to give you actionable steps to pursue. The best resource for finding an FxM practitioner is through the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Find a Practitioner Tool.

5. Start thinking about ways to reduce stress.

Easier said than done when you’re in an acute situation; I know. But if you’ve read this far, you’re already in this journey. You’ve found a new way that’s opening a horizon where the sun is coming up. You’re doing it. Progress is going to be made. Now go get some sleep knowing that.

Those are some key actions you can make right now. We provide more in-depth insights, actions, and resources for members, in addition to a private community in which you can share your experience, ask questions, and help shape the conversation. Join us today.

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